Monday, June 22, 2015

Watching movies has no impact on my sleepwalking

As part of my investigation of what factor impacts my sleepwalking, I looked at the effect of watching movies. This is an open question as to see if movies have a relaxing or tensing effect. A more thorough investigation would be by subdividing movies into those 2 categories but this is a complicated process as the same movie could be relaxing or unnerving depending on other environmental parameters. So I just looked at the general effect of that special time associated with watching movie, good or bad.
This is potentially of particular impact as I don't have a TV and so the only thing I will watch (beside my computer for many hours at work) are movies.

Watching movies has no effect on my sleepwalking, as shown by the graphs below.
Average values, +/- SEM. % variation and statistical significance are indicated (if less than 1%)
Data exclude nights with clonazepam and are normalized for the effect of coffee and tiredness.

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