Friday, June 12, 2015

B1 (Basis) sleep tracker does not detect my sleepwalking

Among the many sleep tracking devices B1 provides some potentially interesting sleep data, especially sleep interruptions (see image below).
Those interruptions for most people are a trip to the restroom but in my case I wondered if they could be an alternate way to video for identifying my sleepwalking.
As the graph below show, B1 very rarely sees my sleepwalking events as a sleep interruptions (data in purple).
Overall only 5.4% of my sleepwalking events are seen as a sleep interruptions by B1. And for a BCSL at level 5 (the level at which I am going out of bed) the detection rate is 45%.
If I include the "no data" category (when the device temporarily stops recording my sleep, which could be from the software not recognizing a sleep interruption) the rates are 12.2% and 63% respectively.

Interestingly basis feature "toss and turn" does a slightly better job at detecting my sleepwalking, as this count is decreased by clonazepam (see graph below), which decreases my sleepwalking about 50%.

Also the overall the number of "tosses and turns" correlates with the number of sleepwalking events, their intensity and their complexity (see graphs below).
Unfortunately it has a high and variable false positive rate, as graph A shows (for example when 20 to 30 tosses and turns are measured only about 6 sleepwalking events happened), and as such is not a reliable measure of my sleepwalking.

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