Thursday, June 11, 2015

What does my sleepwalking look like?

I defined a sleepwalking event as anything ranging from raising my head and staying still with eyes open for at least 7-8 seconds to getting out of bed (with no memories of doing so in all cases).

The graph below, representing over 470 nights, shows all my sleepwalking events, normalized to the time I fell asleep (determined by averaging the time measured by different sleep tracking devices).
Each dot represents 1 event, as identified by video
My sleepwalking fits the described pattern of having most events during the first 3rd of the night but it is interesting to note that there is still a significant amount of events later in the night.

The following graph shows that my first sleepwalking event occurs shortly after falling asleep (within 19 minutes in average).
Each dot represent the first event of that night, as identified by video
The following graphs show that I have an average of 8 events per night, lasting 43 seconds and happening every 37 minutes (more on data representation here).
All data are average values +/- SEM
Those events can be further divided into 5 categories based on their complexity. 
I developed a scoring system ranging from 1 (raising my head and staying still) to 5 (getting out of bed). Scores of 2, 3 and 4 represent increasing complexity of the event, mostly divided as raising my shoulders, sitting in bed and performing some actions. With a sequential logic in the scoring: so sitting in bed requires that I have raised my head and shoulders for example.
But the values 2 to 4 could be different combinations of complexity as my scoring doesn't distinguish between raising my head and performing an action versus raising my head and shoulders.
The graph below shows that about half of my events consist of raising my head and standing still (with eyes open), 25% of the events are level 2 while levels 3, 4 and 5 each represent 8-10% of the events.
Having established an approach to track my sleepwalking activity I developed different scoring systems to compare my sleepwalking activity between nights.

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