Thursday, June 25, 2015

Physical activity has no major effect (if any) on my sleepwalking

As part of my investigation of what factor impacts my sleepwalking, I looked at the effect of the physical activity I performed that day.
There are many reasons to look at this, among them to indirectly measure my tiredness level, the "reward" feelings associated with physical activity and all other mental benefits.

Having some physical activity (PA) during the day and its intensity does mostly not correlate with any of my sleepwalking scores, as the graphs below show.
Average values, +/- SEM. % variation and statistical significance are indicated (if less than 1%)

PA levels are classified as followed:
  • Level 0 = no significant PA
  • Level 1 = mild PA (walking around for at least 1h, commuting by bicycle, etc...)
  • Level 2 = prolonged but not "cardiologically" intense PA (mostly rock climbing)
  • Level 3 = prolonged PA with significant cardiac involvement (running, biking, etc for at least 30 min)
The complexity of my events is significantly increased on days with a level 2 PA intensity (graph C).
Because a level 3 PA does not lead to a statistically significant increase in event complexity, the trend observed in graph C might be due to a combination of factors.
But here again the goal was to see if there is any strong correlation with my sleepwalking, which is not the case.

Data exclude nights with clonazepam and are normalized for the effect of coffee and tiredness.

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