Thursday, June 18, 2015

Earplugs complexify my sleepwalking

As part of my investigation of what factor impacts my sleepwalking, I looked at the effect of earplug.
Since I am a relatively light sleeper and get easily waken up by noises I regularly use earplugs.

Having earplugs correlates with events that are more complex (graph C) and last longer (graph D). This could indicative an increased difficulty for me to stop the event, having lost a sense (audition).
Interestingly earplugs do not impact the number of events (graph A), their intensity (graph B), their spread (graph E) or when they start (graph F).
Average values, +/- SEM. % variation and statistical significance are indicated (if less than 1%)
Data exclude nights with clonazepam and are normalized for the effect of coffee and tiredness

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