Monday, June 15, 2015

Tiredness decreases my sleepwalking

After the birth of my second kid I became significantly more tired and noticed an overall decrease in most of the sleepwalking scores.

As shown below the number of sleepwalking events decreased (graph A) as well as the HLL (graph B) and BCSL scores (graph C) while the average time between events was not affected (graph E).
Interestingly the average event length also increased (graph D) but not the average time asleep by which the first event occurred (graph F).

Average values, +/- SEM. % variation and statistical significance are indicated (if less than 1%)
When looking further in details, tiredness slightly increases the intensity of my sleepwalking events (graph G and H) and they appear earlier in the sleep (graph I).

Those data suggest then that tiredness decreases my sleepwalking by decreasing the number of events. At the same time it makes those events more intense and bring them earlier in the night but in an effect marginal enough that my overall sleepwalking decreases.


  1. Thanks for your sharing. It's very useful for me. My friend has same problem.I can get more knowledge about sleepwalking. Waitting for your new articles.

    1. Hi 007,

      Thank you for your message. I am in the process of redoing that site and will have a lot more information, more data and more perspectives on sleepwalking. Come back in 2-3 months and hopefully the new everything will be there.