Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Flex (Fitbit) sleep tracker does not detect my sleepwalking

As with the B1 and UP sleep trackers, Flex from Fitbit has the capability to detect sleep interruptions. So here also I looked at the detection rate of my sleepwalking events being labelled a sleep interruption by the tracking device.
As the graph below show, Flex so far never sees sees my sleepwalking events as a sleep interruption ("awake"data in light blue) when using the normal sleep settings.
When using the sensitive sleep setting, more of my sleepwalking is labelled as "agitated" sleep but still none is seen as "awake" by the sleep tracker, as the graph below shows.
The graph below shows that Flex sensitive sleep labels about 60% of my sleep as agitated/awake while I am actually sleepwalking during only about 1% of my sleep. So unfortunately neither of Flex sleep settings capture my sleepwalking.


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