Sunday, August 9, 2015

Beddit sleep tracker marginaly detects my sleepwalking

Beddit sleep tracker provides a 2 stages sleep graph with only light and deep sleep (see graph below) but no sleep interruptions defined.

Nonetheless I used the "baseline" phases of my sleep as equivalent of a sleep interruptions, to see if that correlates with the complexity levels of my sleepwalking.

As the graph below shows at most Beddit sees my sleepwalking 40% of the time (for level 5 events).
So as for B1 and UP, not a useful tool to monitor my sleepwalking.


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  2. Thanks Mayazoe, I am flattered!!
    Sorry that there hasn't been much updates recently. I am still actively working on understanding my sleepwalking but now that I have dealt with the low hanging fruits I am focused on harder to reach one such as the evolution of my sleepwalking over time (more than 2 years of data collected) and testing of different drugs (a very slow process as a lot of them don't have a short half-life).
    But I hope to be back in a bit with some updates. Unfortunately no clue yet (besides genetic) as to what causes my sleepwalking.

  3. The worst part of it was that the software only worked intermittently and the data was not accurate. You obviously canot confront anyone about what you have discovered if the information is not right. research proposal writing service