Sunday, July 5, 2015

The quality of my sleep does not correlate to my sleepwalking

As part of my investigation of what factor impacts my sleepwalking, I looked at the effect of my sleep quality. This would not be a trigger for sleepwalking but more to see if it to correlates with my sleepwalking. Is my definition of a bad sleep due to a more intense sleepwalking night?

Unfortunately, the quality of my sleep is not an indicator of my sleepwalking activity, as the graphs below show.
Average values, +/- SEM. % variation and statistical significance are indicated (if less than 1%)
Sleep quality was defined by giving each night a score from 0 (best) to 3 (worst) in the following morning.
Data exclude nights with clonazepam and are normalized for the effect of coffee and tiredness.

Last updated: 24 Sept 2015

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