Monday, February 22, 2016

February 2016 update

I am still actively monitoring my sleepwalking and recording countless parameters to find correlations. But since I covered a lot of the low hanging fruits, the next set of data is taking much longer to generate. So please be patient.

I am also looking a different drugs to try to pinpoint which brain pathways could be involved. Here also a slow process but the simple message is that no drug really works so far.

And of course I am trying alternate approaches to video to record (accurately and exhaustively) my sleepwalking. Not much success here but that generated some side data regarding sleep tracking devices, which I added to my previous post regarding those trackers.


  1. Came across this while researching my own sleepwalking habits, extremely difficult to predict when I do it, how often or exactly what I get up to, but I will tell you this in the early hours of Saturday morning 16/4/16 I woke up walking down a street in an unfamiliar city about 8km from where I was staying, Last June I woke up underwater after strolling overboard on a charter boat at the Abrolhos Islands and have also woke up in find my car running in the carport with roller door open
    Never able to recall anything

    1. Hi,

      Thank you very much for your feedback and stories. It is amazing how coordinated and long are your sleepwalking episodes. The longest episode I had was probably 4 or 5 min long and I went as far as 20-30m from my bed.
      I would love to talk more with about that, if you don't mind sending me a message at